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OEM Supply

OEM Supply
OEM support

Proposal meeting the demand with our Only One technology

  • Achieve high quality products with our Only One technology
  • Provide satisfactory products with the technology supported by our 80 years' history
  • Support the productization from your image

Introduction of OEM product

We give the first priority to made use of the technology, which is supported by our 80 years' history, in oral care products from planning by clients order receipt / production.
We provide OEM products with high-performance and high quality full of originality that meet various demands of clients and customers.

Feature of our OEM product

We precisely grasp added values or information on trends obtained by selling our goods in the general market but also specialized fields such dental clinics by our Only One technique supported by 80 years' history, based on the know-how for high quality products, and make proposal that leads to productization!!

Process to productization

step1 Inquiry by e-mail and phone call

E-mail tw-jbss@dentalpro.co.jp
Tel (+65)6438-0426

step2 Hearing

step3 Product development

step4 Product specification determination / final cost estimate

step5 Order / production

step6 Delivery

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  • Entry to the oral care industry oral as a new business
  • Establishment of own new brand or renewal

We create products in cooperation with customers, making use of our know-how of development / production.

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How we manufacture

We have been adopting opinions from experts positively so as to make our products reliable in their function. We have studied safety, appropriate brushing strength for a toothbrush and balance of its friction by corporation between industry and professor from dentistry in university.

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