How to use interdental brush

Plaque removal effectively for interdentinum

Did you know?
When you use only a toothbrush, 40% of dental plaque of (interdentium) between teeth are left behind!

Interdental brush improves plaque removing rate up t 95%! (See right figure)

Let's take up effective dental care and cleaning with interdental brush.

(1) How do I use interdental brush?

Figure 1

There maybe a lot of people who think "I don't know where to insert the interdental brush"?

An interdental brush is to be inserted from the side of the gap that the gum and two teeth formed (called interdental triangle) (Figure 1).
Insert it into not between tooth but into the gap that within the gum and two teeth.

(2) How do I distinguish the use of I-shaped and L-shaped interdental brushes?

Figure 2, Figure 3

The I-shaped interdental brush is for front tooth and L-shaped is for back tooth.

The I-shaped interdental brush can be bended at a desired angle by bending the plastic tip so the best angle is obtained for each user's teeth condition (Figure 2).

Moreover, extension caps are attached to DENTALPRO interdental brushes so back teeth can be cleaned to some extent with those caps but still the best interdental brush for back teeth is the L-shaped interdental brush, which has a fixed angle (Figure 3).
Once you get used to the use of the L-shaped interdental brush, you can insert it from back side of the teeth (tongue side).

(3) How do I distinguish the use of interdental brush and dental floss pick?

Figure 4

An interdental brush is inserted into the interdental triangle (Figure 1). On the other hands, a dental floss pick is inserted into the spot where that two teeth contact from above the teeth (Figure 4).

Dental floss pick is suited for the spot where the gap between teeth is narrow and where an interdental brush cannot be inserted (adjacent surface between teeth).

As a particular example, a dental floss pick cannot be inserted into the part where a bridge that teeth are connected with a bridge (treatment by which a lost tooth is filled with filling material that are connected) or the part where wire for corrective treatment is in so an interdental brush is to be used for such parts.

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