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I-Shaped Interdental Brush Series

DENTALPRO I-Shaped Interdental Brush Series

I-Shaped Interdental Brush Series

I-Shaped Interdental Brush

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Product Information

Interdental brush suited for removing interdental plaque

Plaque removal rate is improved to 95% by combination use with toothbrush!

Plaque removal rate is improved to 95% by combination use with toothbrush!

Just brushing by toothbrush, whereas clean only 58% of the plaque between the teeth, the interdental brush and toothbrush are able to remove plaque up to 95%.

Plaque removal rate is improved to 95% by combination use with toothbrush!

Feature 1

Surpassing ISO standards ( of 50 times quality test )

The standards we set for the wire endurance test ( 90 degree bending test that put a 500g weight on the brush ) for the I shape is 1,000 times. L shape is 500 times ( ISO standard is 20 times ).

Wire Durability Test

*ISO Standard : 20 times
*The wire endurance test is one of our quality inspection processes.

Attach 500g Weight and bend 90°

Feature 2

Uses two types of bristles

Using thin bristles for the front and thicker ones for the rear end of the brush makes it easier for insertion between teeth and more gentle when brushing the gums (except for size 0 and 1).

DENTALPRO Interdental Brush

Feature 3

Broad line-up products

We developed 7 different sizes for I shape in order to match the conditions of your teeth and gums.

7 different sizes for I shape

I-Shaped Interdental Brush Size

Size Color
Size 0 (0.6mm-) Pure pink / Rose pink
Size 1 (0.7mm-) White / Light gray
Size 2 (0.8mm-) Pearl yellow / Yellow
Size 3 (1.0mm-) Carrot orange / Red
Size 4 (1.2mm-) Light blue / Blue
Size 5 (1.5mm-) Light green / Green
Size 6 (1.9mm-) Light violet / Violet

*Please be forewarned that specifications and designs may be changed for upgrading without prior notice
*The colors seen on this page may look different from those of actual products.

I-Shaped Interdental Brush Series

How to use interdental brush

How we manufacture

We have been adopting opinions from experts positively so as to make our products reliable in their function. We have studied safety, appropriate brushing strength for a toothbrush and balance of its friction by corporation between industry and professor from dentistry in university.

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