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FRESH Floss Pick

FRESH Floss Pick

FRESH Floss Pick - Delicate Floss Pick offers usability with sense of gentle without hurting your gums.

Product Information

Delicate Floss Pick which gentle to your gums

Feature 1

Floss part (Filaments) made by fine microfibres

Its remove plaque thoroughly and gentle just likes using towel to wipe off teeth, without hurting your gums

fine microfibres

Feature 2

Compact arm's design

Compact size which able to reach into molar and moving around in the mouth easily

Compact arm's design

Feature 3

A pick shape at the end of handle helps you to dig out the bits of food which stuck in your interdentium


Feature 4

Zipper pack where you can keep your floss pick conveniently

FRESH Floss Pick 50Pcs

Pcs per pack 50
Color White

*Due to renewal, please understand that there is changes on specification & design etc without annoucement made.
*Color for product in image above may have possibility different than real product.

How we manufacture

We have been adopting opinions from experts positively so as to make our products reliable in their function. We have studied safety, appropriate brushing strength for a toothbrush and balance of its friction by corporation between industry and professor from dentistry in university.

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