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DENTALPRO Tongue Brush

DENTALPRO Tongue Brush

Away from Bad Breath  Refreshing Tongue Care!!

Product Information


Wave-shape neck prevents unwanted contact with the teeth.

Wave-shape neck designed for easy insertion and
smooth movement over the tongue,
preventing unwanted contact with the teeth

Perfect fit for the tongue:Wave-shape neck


Super soft brush made of ultra fine bristles that is gentle to the tongue

DENTALPRO Tongue Brush bristle No. of bristle in 1 hole~150

*Please do not clean your tongue too much or apply too much force.
Damaged mucous membrane may emphasize bad breath or lead to dysgeusia.
It is advised to use tongue brush once a day.

Super soft brush gently cleanse away
"White Tongue Coating" that is causing bad breath.

What is White tongue coat?

Abstracted from "Tongue Diagnosisnand Sphygmoscopy for Chinese Medicine clinic". Kobe Cinese Medicine Society, Ishiyaku Publishers, Inc. 1989. Just like skin cells, tongue cells regenerate.
These dead tongue cells, bacteria and fungi can build up and become white tongue coating.
Almost 60% of the reasons for bad breath is related to white tongue coating.

How to Use the tongue brush

How to Use the tongue brush
  • Place the tongue brush as far back as possible and brush along the surface of your tongue.
  • It is adviced to change your tongue brush once a month.

DENTALPRO Tongue Brush

Hardness Ultra Soft Type
Color Pink / Blue / Yellow

*Specifications and designs are subject to change for improvement purposes without prior notice.
*The color shown on screen may look different from the actual products.

How we manufacture

We have been adopting opinions from experts positively so as to make our products reliable in their function. We have studied safety, appropriate brushing strength for a toothbrush and balance of its friction by corporation between industry and professor from dentistry in university.

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