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W Series Toothbrush

DENTALPRO W <Mild, Zigzag & 3Edge>

The best toothbrush that have optimum effectiveness on preventing periodontal disease.

Mild:W Merit Bristles
Zigzag:Double Step tufting

Product Information

W Series Toothbrush to fight against periodontal disease.

Double step bristles effectively remove plaque!

Gentle sense of use for sensitive gum / Reached into pit and fissure

W Merit Bristles:remove plaque with 2types of bristle tip
@In 75th & 79th IADR research publication:

Toothbrush that helps prevent periodontal disease for users who have sensitive gums.

Dansa Toothbrush which reach gap between teeth

W Merit Bristles:remove plaque with 2 types of bristle tip
The 84th IADR (International Association for Dental Research)

Double Step tufting that is used in W Merit bristles is excellent to clean plaque in the gap in between teeth.


Antibacterial bristles

Prevent breeding of saprophytic bacteria in result of lack of draining of toothbrush after use.


Choosable 2 types of head sizes

Choosable design!New Items increased !

DENTALPRO W Mild , Zigzag & 3Edges

*Due to renewal, please understand that there are changes on specification & design etc without announcement made.
*Color of products in image above may possibly differ from actual product.

How we manufacture

We have been adopting opinions from experts positively so as to make our products reliable in their function. We have studied safety, appropriate brushing strength for a toothbrush and balance of its friction by corporation between industry and professor from dentistry in university.

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