Social Contribution

Cooperate with the society and local (social activity)

Donation in the Office

DENTALPRO, to continue being useful company as a social member, Not only respects the social norm as a responsibility but also contributes to the society through positive support activities.

As main support activity, we have donated libraries (buildings / books) to elementary schools every year from 2005 in the Kingdom of Thailand where our factory indebted to DENTALPRO's products.

Library donation to primary school

Year Name of Region Name of School
2005 Chiang Mai Pref. Ban Huay Tong School
2006 Suphan Buri Pref. Ban Huay Din Dim School
2007 Ratchabri Pref. Ban May Se Muan School
Wat Ku Ha Sawan School
2008 Sukhothai Pref. Ban Mae Tu Lao Nai School
2009 Nong Khai Pref. Ban Wan School
2010 Roi Et Pref. Ban Pa Soom Nong Ping School

Ceremonial shot with Thai kids

Aspect of library donation activities

Library appearance

Library scenery

Ceremony scenery